York Rental Property For Sale

York Rental Property For Sale
York Rental Property For Sale

Asking Price: $75,000 (includes Assignment fee)

Property Details:

3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1,428 sqft

Monthly Rent:$900 (At this rent rate you meet the 1% rule)

2016 Property Taxes: $2,369.64

Estimated Repairs: $0

Estimated FMV: $90,000 to $100,000


Property has a long term tenant in place. The current appraised value is $93,862.00. The home is ready to go. It has a leak in garage area but the rest of the home is fine. It has a large lot with a big backyard. At $900 per month in rent, that is $10,800/yr in gross income. Minus 20% for expenses leaves $8,640 in income for the year with an ROI of 10% for the year at a purchase price & est. closing costs of $77,000. It is a great property to add to your portfolio with long term tenants if desired.

If you are further interested in this property please email me at Josh@mad-realestate.com or Call (361) 695-oo38

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