Take Aways from Freedom Fast Lane Live

Take Aways from Freedom Fast Lane Live 2016

Take Aways from Freedom Fast Lane Live
Freedom Fast Lane Live

I was able to attend Freedom Fast Lane Live this year, and it was incredible. I don’t think there could be a better event to go to. The event is all about growing from a million dollar mindset to a billion dollar mindset. You could also replace mindset with business. The event is put on by Ryan Daniel Moran, owner of Capitalism.com. Ryan started the event last year and had some big names like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Pat Flynn. This year he had an all-star line-up but I wouldn’t call them big names. His speakers this year were highly successful entrepreneurs but not the type that goes out and brands themselves the same way as last year’s speakers have done. A few of them are mainstream names like Alicia Silverstone, JP Sears, and John Mackey. But a few of them like Mike Dillard who is probably one of the least known names but is one of the smartest entrepreneurs you could probably ever meet. He is very much an introvert so he doesn’t brand himself like Gary Vee does. I don’t want to go into too many details about the event because this is a blog about real estate but I definitely suggest checking out Freedom Fast Lane. So let’s get into it.

Capitalism is the best

This was the complete theme of John Mackey’s talk and who can blame him because capitalism is the best. Did you know that capitalism is what brought us the standard of living we have today? Socialism sure didn’t. After I watch Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water, and his talk about how over 100 entrepreneurs fund his efforts to bring clean water to everyone in the world. What government could do that? I encourage everyone to look into supporting Charity Water. Capitalism is not a perfect system but there is not another system where individuals can contribute to the greater good like they have done with Charity Water? Capitalism can change our world as long as government, can stay out of free trade.

Leverage is the way to go

J Massey goes on stage the first day with the investor panel and made a statement that resonated with me to my real estate investing core. Ryan Moran asked him whether is was better to pay off the debt he had on his properties or stay leverage. J reply instantly saying that it was better to be leveraged. He said that the people that lend him money couldn’t get better returns anywhere else. I never thought about how using other people’s money was a service but it truly is. It is very important you know what you are doing when you leverage other people’s money, but by doing it you are providing a great service.

Be You

Sean Stephenson and JP Sears were first on stage on days 1 & 2 of F2L2 and they brought great information on the emotional side of entrepreneurship. I personally have never thought about the emotional side of entrepreneurship. Both speakers went really deep and I couldn’t possibly tell you everything or begin to explain everything they said. To sum up what I learned is be yourself. Your unique self is what you should be sharing with your audience. Who is your audience? Everyone you do business is your audience. So just go out and be yourself and attract the people who resonate with you.

Get out of your comfort zone

One speaker was the king of getting out of his comfort zone and that was Jesse Itzler. This man calls himself the 100-mile man because he likes to run a 100 miles, duh. He talked about all of the crazy things he has done and how it has changed his life. His success just goes to show what getting out of your comfort zone can do for you. He even wrote a book call “Living with a Seal” which is a must read. If this guy can get out of his comfort zone so can everyone else.

You will lose if you are the Smartest in the room

This last take away didn’t come from the best speaker but from the speaker that gave the most actionable information on stage. He gave us everything about what you could need to do what he did and that was Mike Dillard. Mike is building a company that is going to disrupt the agricultural industry and he has built a team of advisers that are just a bunch of rockstars. One of his advisers is Cameron Harold who openly on stage said he did not agree with the way Mike was going about funding the company, but he is still there backing Mike. After watching the $100 Million Dollar Panel I knew Mike was definitely not the smartest person on that stage. He is going to change the world with his product and his team.

Wrapping it up

A lot of the people attending Freedom Fast Lane Live are physical products entrepreneurs not really real estate heavy. There were a few real estate guys there and they had the same idea I had, of maybe I can meet someone who would want to invest in some of my real estate deals or find buyers. I won’t say whether or not I found that but I will say I found people that shifted my mindset completely. I strongly encourage you to try and make the 2017 Freedom Fast Lane Live and start to listen to Ryan’s podcast Freedom Fast Lane.


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