Facebook killed Craigslist

Facebook killed Craigslist


You might think I am exaggerating but I am not. Have you seen the new feature Facebook rolled out for buy and sell FB groups? If you haven’t you aren’t paying attention. So Facebook is now allowing you to post to multiple buy & sell Facebook groups at one time. That is how Facebook killed Craigslist, with that one new feature. There is so much more visibility with Facebook than Craigslist. I just recently used the feature to market a wholesale deal and boy did that really help me get it sold. I had it set up so that I knew about 1700 people saw and engaged with my Facebook post. The more eyes on your offer you have the better. Depending on what type of deal you have you might be able to attract even more people to your deal.

So let me tell you what I did. I had a deal I was trying to sell and It wasn’t going very well because the house needed to be torn down and not many people wanted to take that on. The video is down below.

Since I had the video and I needed as many people as possible to see it, what I did was write one FB Post and the used FB’s own multi-group posting tool.

You can see by that blue box showing that you post it across multiple plat forms
You can see that blue box showing that you post it across multiple groups


With this new tool, I was able to post this house for sale to 15 buy & sell Facebook groups in my area. And a big plus it’s easy for me to attach my youtube link to the post so people can go watch it then come back and leave a comment. You can’t do that with Craigslist because asking people to copy and paste a link will get you ad flagged and taken down. With this new ability on Facebook, why would you ever waste time putting your house for sale on craigslist? You can reach so many people this way than you ever could with craigslist and you can see the results of your advertising not just guess based on the number of phone calls you get.

Craigslist still has it’s place for some things but if you are trying to sell something Facebook is definitely the route you need to go. I would expect to start seeing items for sale on your Facebook page more often.

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